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Let us do the leg work for you.

Find A Tool service allows you to give us a Tooling Application, and we will search our sources to locate a tool for you, saving you valuable down time. We are your trusted cutting tool application specialists.


  • I need a 1/4 diameter coolant fed carbide drill for 316SS with 2″ flute length. Will be on a lathe with coolant through capability.
  • I need a CNMG 43_ style insert with a .004 radius for Stainless…

We can also quote complete specials for you. You can describe what you want or send us a part print to have our engineers evaluate and quote special tooling to do the job. You can send prints by fax or e-mail in standard PDF or JPEG files.

(We are unable to quote tooling outside of the USA, at this time.)

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